Too much Social Media is making us hungry for real talking and listening.

The sight of a train platform of people staring at their phones or bemused shoppers stumbling down the street watching a screen is becoming commonplace. No wonder that the experience of talking and listening is becoming a sought-after commodity.

A new study  from the University of Michigan has produced findings that the internet makes us less connected to the things we really need, not more.

Look at me!

Though the internet appears to be about connection, the reality for many is that our phones and computers are more isolating than communal. Combine social media with busy lifestyles and you have a recipe for a more solitary existence which eats away at one of our most fundamental needs: human contact.

It is no wonder that I have seen a steady increase in the needs of ordinary people to book themselves into my office in Harley St  for some quality talking and listening one to one. Not always for ‘therapy’ but to discuss, explore and share in the way only two people can do ; sitting face to face in the same room at the same time.

Being plugged into the ‘online community’ is OK.

Regular meaningful conversations with a real human being is better!


One to one Mindfulness Meditation sessions in London

Some of you might not fancy the idea of a group meditation session. Maybe you fear that it will get too religious and the gongs will come out and a resounding “OMMMM” emerges while you get a bit embarrassed. You might have loads of questions you want to ask and fear that you won’t ‘get it right’ and be sitting there like a lemon…pretending.

Or maybe you just prefer the idea of the more intimate quiet one to one session where you can get a more personal connection going. Finding your own way of learning Mindfulness is always going to be the key and it could be that a one to one environment is better for you.

If a one to one style of learning appeals to you let me know.



How I came to Mindfulness Meditation

I started as a therapist back in 2001 using Hypnotherapy as my main ‘tool’ in trying to help people with their issues. I was lucky enough to be picked up by several TV companies who filmed my work with clients and as you can imagine by practice quickly bloomed.

The more I discovered about CBT the more I liked it and found it worked very well with hypnotherapy. It was as if CBT was the nuts and bolts and hypnosis was the icing on the cake, if you like mixed metaphors, that’s a humdinger!

Over the the last 2 years I have been using more and more mindfulness approaches with clients and find inviting the client to focus on the ‘here and now’ works very well. My office is on the third floor on Harley St and though not being noisy, the traffic provides a gently hum to listen to….one of the starting points of awareness…what can you hear?

A lot of people are put off by the idea of meditation for many reasons. Mindfulness however is so simple, so uncluttered with mumbo jumbo, so direct that practicing it is like falling off a log. It also dovetails very nicely with CBT because a lot of CBT is about not letting the mind run away with you…to keep your feet on the ground.